Past in Brief

We started our journey from Singapore in a make-shift office out of our bedroom in 2000 and serviced with more than 100+ multinational customers in database and web applications.

In the process of meeting ever changing customer needs, we understand the imminent need for new stream of solutions that can offer plug-n-play services in software when customer needs it - as a subscription service that can add value, provide extension/integration to the existing systems, scale to new heights and ofcourse - offer cost savings.

With the technical advancement and adoption of social networking, time has come to redefine the business with simple, integrated, ease of use processes, stiched together to meet business goals.

We re-energized again from roots in India in 2010 with a bunch of 6 members, supported by experts with more than 100+ years of experience in the business domain.


  • Oct 2014 - Delivered v2.0 business applications for healthcare platform
  • Jun 2014 - Process Centered Application Development & Assembly, Delivered
  • Jun 2013 - Created a development platform for collaborative development integrated with PMO
  • Nov 2013 - First version of SaaS driven Medicare application delivered
  • May 2013 - Enabled support for multilingual interface
  • Nov 2012 - Announced Retail application for Indian Market
  • April 2012 - Created an custom ERP application for an international customer
  • Jan 2011 - Technology platform established for the future: BigData as database and XML centered application development for applications
  • Nov 2010 - From blackboard to Inception

Aim to Achieve

Technology changes everyday. Business adopts it faster, when it exceeds expectation

It is about Cloud Based Computing with the option to go online or offline, start small for free and grow with the necessities to meet the business needs through subscription

Our aim is to simplify the development process as in 'Development Factory' and deliver to customer - whether startup/medium/large enterprise -

Performance Delivered with Cost Savings