Social - Local - Mobile

SoLoMo is a more mobile-centric version of the same concept with greater local precision. It's about getting nearby information on demand, wherever you may be

SoLoMo arose as a result of the popularity of smartphones and tablets that integrate geo-location technology. Vyasaka enables customer to meet contents locally, available in mobile and well integrated with social platforms.


News now literally travels at the speed of light, with words strapped to the backs of zippy electrons.

While the speed of social-media communication is impressive, its volume is daunting and its content overwhelmingly messy. Besides 300 billion emails , each day across the globe we send 200 million tweets; search the Web more than four billion times; and add 5,000 new blog sites to the 170 million that already exist. Ten million people, including the president, belong to FourSquare, which delivers personalized offers and local news interactively based on where you are (GPS) and what is nearby. In the 3.5 hours we spend each day "connected" we buy, sell, chat, gossip, work, cheer, complain, and advise. We plan everything from dinner parties to Mideast revolutions, we ask about everything from movie ratings to interplanetary travel, and we monitor progress of local teams, hurricanes, and political races.