One Platform

Platform for everything - For small or medium or enterprise customers. Start with single, easy to use platform for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), SaaS integration and APIs

Deployment for all

Start small desktop centric - grow to medium enterprise that can share - and scale to large enterprise to manage both online and off line cloud with the same core Architecture


Connect to any existing/new systems through Web Services and have single information channel that supports multiple devices. Simply mainframe or legacy or social networks - 'connect you'.


Data is an asset of the enterprise. Share data and maximize your existing investments from current systems. Stay connected, scale and focus on your goal - all time - anywhere - everywhere.

Platform for Everyone

Vyasaka has built the platform from scratch as a highly customizable, extensible application platform for building business applications, an integration platform for existing mainframe/legacy/stand alone applications and on collaboration platform for new age technologies.

Core Platform features include

  • User & Security Management
  • API Engine for External Access
  • Collaboration
  • Backup & Restore
  • Notifications
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • License Management

Platform is available as

  • DAS - Desktop Application System
    For single desktop use. However platform is installed locally.
  • PAS - Platform Application Server
    For anyone who wish to manage their own server, in their own campus, they can choose to do so. Confidence in everything
  • CAS - Cloud Application Server
    Can be deployed from an online cloud - either as a private or public cloud. We manage everything for our customers and thereby offers zero startup cost and continuous savings through subscriptions

Behind the Woods

We have used open source technologies, java, bigdata database, nosql engine and XML technologies to arrive out our innovative platform that does not need any source code compilation with the core system. Only for API calls, we need program compilation to be done with the respecective languages.

Our platform together with REST APIs we can integrate with any application system that offers unmatched flexibility and freedom from high initial investments.

Technical Features

Technical Features of our platform include

Platform with flexibility, highly customizable, extensibility and scalability are the core principles behind the work. Other integral part of the platform includes communication, social networking, document management and transactional control
Content Repository
Content Management is a parallel core of the system that offers rich content model support, advance querying options, support to third party file storage through plugin APIs and ACL integration
Business Logic and Workflow
Business Logic is implemented through a set of process flow, that can be defined and customized further to achieve greater granularity and flexibility
API is a great way to build applications and integrate with platform. We support xml and json data format that is easily adaptable and extensible
UI Frameworks
All our applications are web based and supports responsive web design. Our client-side technology practice include HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript/JQUERY and XFORMS
Flexible Deployments
We offer Simple Deployment, Private Server deployments, Cloud and Standby deployments, that can be managed through licenses.