We are a Focused Creative Team

Small with great ambitions. Smart to meet your business needs. Streetwise with hands-on experience. Seductive in building applications. Shrewd in reaching the mass. Spreading the reach to business adoption. Simplicity in sowing the system. Obviously we promise cost savings. Migrate your cost centers to accountability - Vyasaka is unique

About Us

Our journey started in year 2000 as consulting organization based in Singapore
Now we are an innovative product development company.

We are an awesome group

Technology changes everyday. Business adopts it faster, when it exceeds expectation. Social business with built-in connectivity with payments offers integrated eCommerce and marketplace applications to any business entities

We integrated - cloud based development to deployment platform promises the difference and cost savings what you are looking for. Look at our practice proofs - Healthcare, Education, NGO/Non Profit

It is about Cloud Based Computing with the option to go online or offline, start small for free and grow with the necessities to meet the business needs through subscription.

Our aim is to simplify the development process as in 'Development Factory' and deliver to customer - whether startup/medium/large enterprise. We manage the deployment. So customer don't have to worry about the infrastructure and operational requirements.

Our Mission

To offer an innovative feature rich business platform and services for
ease of application development and deployment.

Product Development

Powerful platform built on internet with social collaboration using open source technologies. Readily available to setup ERP application, Business Ecosystems, Customized apps and tools. Our aim is to offer incremental development and deployment with continuous assembly.

With an integrated project and development studio, build applications in simple steps. We help you to manage it efficiently cost effectively.

Consulting Services

Our schemaless development platform offers much wanted flexibility out of box with the platform. Any business requirements can be protyped in days if not in hours. We help developers to achieve their dreams quickly and efficiently without worrying about management requirements and scalability.

Our applications use single source for all devices - even with offline browsing features and disconnected data management capability.

What We Offer

Line of innovative products built using open source technologies
to take the lead from development to deployment.

Inevito Platform

Cloud driven, XML centric scalable social business application platform with integrated development and deployment tools>

Business Ecosystem

We provide readily available application ecosystem for Healthcare, Education and Retail Industries that offers readily available B2B/B2C


Our Development Platform with Project and Developer Central anyone can develop scalable business applications through browser from anywhere.

Mobile App

Single app for mobile, tablet and Laptop. Develop once use it anywhere with local storage too as native app for disconnected network use too.


Not just providing apps. Our array of tools help user to campaign, communicate, notify, track, payments and more to proactively reach customers. .

NGOs /Non Profits

Catalog and List your entity, reach out for donations, fund raising with innovative platform with user driven Search, Discover and Connect framework for business.

Business Partners

With partners in every business segment we are working with, we work locally with customers by providing all the support they need.


We refine healthcare applications from digitization to community driven data sharing with the improved quality and response time.


Get your team assessment done online with simple to use applications accessible from anywhere, anytime linked to B2B and B2C applications.


Application Framework for multiple business that connects thousands now in India
and ready to scale to meet everyone needs quickly.

Responsive Web Design


Social Business Platform

Continuous Care with Tablet

Accessible from Anywhere

Dashboards in Smartphone

Development from Remote

Linked to Device


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For further details, you can reach us in the following address
Our working Hours - Monday to Saturday - 9.00 AM to 6.30 PM

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Vyasaka Technologies, Chennai.
Plot No 5179, Ram Nagar North Extn, 8th St
Puzhuthivakkam, Chennai - 600 091, TN, India
P: +91.44.4386 8241

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